Sunday, October 5, 2008

The wisdom of Howard

Our good friend Howard Morseburg bring us an enlightening analysis of great clarity of about the person, the personality, the friendships, associations, and intentions, of that man called B'rak Hussein Obama.
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By Howard E. Morseburg

Exhibit A

Please take time to view this video above. How many schools are in on this program? Notice that they sing "Obama is going to change the World" is in this performance. He has not even changed one thing the Senate in the State of Illinois nor anything in the U.S. Senate, not one program that he has proposed and therefore, none voted upon that could be attributed to Obama’s wisdom or policy. There has not been one listed accomplishment in any formfor the man that seems to qualify him for the office of President, except that he tells us he is fully qualified.

At 84 I have been through many elections, but even when Pres. Jack Kennedy was in office, we did not have this type of cult worship. Pres. Kennedy was a marvelous speaker, a truly well educated man and never at a loss for words, never a question he could not answer. You have to view some of the videos of Barack Hussein Obama when he is asked a question that he is not prepared for, a startling display of stuttering and "ahs" as if he just cannot think on his feet, that he must be coached or prompted. They are available on YouTube. After the Obama song, listen to this one:

Then compare it to this song about Il Yong, of North Korea:

Exhibit B

Then, a statement with a few words of Michelle's viewpoint on this matter.

Exhibit C

Then, just listen to this statement a few times and see if you can understand it. It is gobble-de-gook and you can find it again and again in his speeches.

Exhibit D


Obama has had a long association with Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadette Dorn, of the Weathermen, and yet when specifically asked during a debate about his association with a man with a terrorist background in the seventies, he answers, "How can I know. I was only 8 years old at the time!"

Analyze that statement. Didn't he learn about the Black Panthers and all the turmoil of the 70s? This is taught in schools and colleges. It is impossible that he did not know the full history of the Weathermen, absolutely impossible. He knew Bernadette Dorn very well, and spent hours in her company, a woman who had a long history with this American terrorist organization, the group that robbed a Brink’s truck and killed a Brink’s guard. “I was only 8 years old (when this group to which Ayers and Dorn belonged) placed a bomb in the White House and killed a Brink’s guard is what he is telling us. They also fire-bombed a judge’s home. “I was only 8 years old. . .” Bull, Obama, bull.

If you are seen in the company of these former (?) unrepentant terrorists, certainly friends will remark about them, and if you are so uninformed, they will tell you the full story. Such evasiveness on the part of Barack Hussein Obama is unforgiveable, and the failure of interviewers to dig deeper into his former close associates borders on cover-up, even for the Great O’Reilly.


Bill Ayers got a 50 million dollar grant from the Annenberg Foundation (check that out, $50 million) and he put, he himself, put Barack Hussein Obama in charge of the Annenberg Challenge, as CEO, to dispense that $50 million. Hey, a grant of a half a million can fund cancer research, yet these two guys got a $50 million grant. But that’s only half the story; it was a matching grant, so they actually had $100 million in their hands to spend – for education.

Where did it go? It is all gone. Where? Bill Ayers, an anarchist, a revolutionary, one of the top men in a terrorist group and Barack Hussein Obama dispense $100 million to whom? Would any sane man, even with an insane hatred of his own country, like Bill Ayers, put someone he did not know in charge of this $100 million? It defies logic, it defies common sense, that they were not like brothers, blood brothers, sitting on a Board with $100 million to dispense to improve education in Chicago, yet not one word of what they accomplished with that $100 million is told to us, citizens and voters in the coming elections. With that $100 million he had a chance to accomplish something outstanding, yet all we hear about the man is that he was a Community Organizer!

And yet Barack Hussein Obama says he knew nothing about Bill Ayers, nor his wife, Bernadette Dorn's, prior history. "I was only 8 years old!" Crap. If anything is such a zero in his mind before he was 8 years old, then folks, you had better start worrying now.

Obama, Ayers, Dorn. Ayers, Obama, Dorn. Dorn, Obama, Ayers. The Virgin Birth of the Triumvirate. With $100 million. Think about that. I'm sorry, but if you associate with founding members, violent members, lifetime members, of the Weathermen for years and you don't know it, then such lack of prudence and poor judgment should disqualify a person from the high office of President of the United States.


The Rev. Wright gave 1100 sermons over a period of twenty years (52 x 20 years membership of that church attended by Barack Hussein Obama) and yet, Obama tells us that he did not understand the anti-American, anti-white, racist natures of the preacher. "God Damn America" he says loud and clear, "God Bless America, no, God Damn America" and Obama failed to understand where he was and what he was listening to? He resigned from the church only after it was brought out into the open.

Common sense tells us that he is either evading the truth or outright lying. It is because of his color, I charge, no one dares question his deceitfulness!

Mrs. Clinton did not bring this up in her debates with him, but she was obligated to do so and did not. Yet, Obama is allowed to pass over all of this and say that he "didn't know" what was going on. Yet, they're singing Hosea's to him and saying that he is going to lead the World. There is something radically wrong here, radically wrong. This is jive talk, dishonest talk, and every reporter is passing over it, refusing to ask a tough question about Wright, about Ayers, about Dorn. These associations are too lengthy, too strong, too involved, to overlook, to ignore, to pass over (no pun) or to question in depth.


It is obvious that the candidate has been untruthful about these associates of his, and he does not wish to admit to them for a reason. That reason: they are dangerous people and have led armed insurrections against their own country, even treasonous people.

Ask yourself, who is behind Obama, and who backed him all this time? Where did the $100 million go, and why was it given to Terrorist Bill Ayers in the first place, and who approved of this grant? The full story has not been told and it will not be told until after the election. It will be withheld from the public until then. Yes, Obama was a Community Organizer, but he was one with $100 million dollars and that needs to be explained. Have you ever heard of another Community Organizer with $100,000,000?


Not to belittle Sen. Obama’s oratorical skills, but as someone pointed out, Dan Quayle lost an election because of the misspelling of a single word, potato. Watch this video of Obama, the URL is below, for 31 seconds. Yes, we can find illustrations of others in a similar fix, but there are many videos of Obama in circumstances like this where he talks on and on and says nothing of any consequence, as he does here. He is a master at it. He needs a teleprompter, but who is writing the script? He is obviously not a quick thinker, nor can he put his thoughts together in a free-swinging debate.

Exhibit E

Yes, they make fun of President Bush’s mistakes when he makes a speech, and he does make them, but so does this character, Senator Obama. He has a much better speaking voice, certainly a good “presence” and he reads the teleprompter better than Bush, but that’s all. Perhaps if he told us that he had complete charge of $100 million, that he was the CEO of The Anenberg Challenge, and gave us a wonderful accounting of it, we might be able to judge better his leadership abilities.

Was the $100 million dollar grant (for what purpose) the beginning of all of this? Are the Weathermen behind his campaign and those who wish take over Washington? These are questions that need answering, and they must be answered before the elections. Not one reporter, not even the great and un-humble Bill O'Reilly addressed this most important issue. A penetrating questioner, a true reporter, asks and persists until he gets answers that make sense. Why not? Reverse racism. They refused to treat the candidate as an ordinary candidate because they are all afraid of being labeled as “racists” and getting kicked off the air.

Obama and his wife, Michelle, are out-and-out racists. Just read their books and papers. I’m not against any single race; I am against racism no matter who is guilty of it and I will openly say so. The Obamas are strongly racist.


Wait a minute, a man was in charge of $100 million and he sat at meetings with the man who obtained the grant, terrorist Bill Ayers, yet knows not a single thing about his past connections with the Weathermen, about bombs and threats and guns and acts of terrorism? Does it make sense to you? Bill O’Reilly could not ask about that and inform the American public about what their candidate for one party did with the $100 million, who got it and for what purpose? How was it spent? Why didn’t he ask about it?

Hillary Clinton lost, but she lost because she could not take off the lace gloves and slug it out toe to toe; she had to exercise extreme care in every word she uttered. Yet, the Rev. Wright was able to say things that no white person could even think of saying. She could not bring up Ayers and Dorn without antagonizing her own party. She could not bring up Michelle's college thesis, which has bearing on the election as well, without losing support. She was restricted and she had the supports knocked right out from under her. She was more direct; he was more obtuse. She spoke well, but he had reverse racism on his side.

We want honesty and we are not getting it. Do you want to see former or current members of the Weathermen, former terrorists, in high positions in Washington? Isn't this what we must worry about? Anarchists in charge?

Well, the Cubans had such a man, fifty years ago, who promised them change. They got change. They eventually got free medical care and free colleges, but if you believe the socialists, and Fidel Castro, as to what is happening in Cuba, then you believe in Fairy Tales as well. For that, they gave up their freedom. What is the price you willing to pay in exchange for your freedom? It is a question worth thinking about.

And, if you believe that during Obama's long association with Ayers and Dorn and the Rev. Wright he had absolutely no knowledge of what they were doing, what they had done, nor what they were preaching, then you are closing your eyes to what is going on, perhaps, to your future regret.

If Barack Hussein Obama is such a special person, then let us watch him as a Senator over the next four years. Let him prove his leadership abilities to the nation, rather than experiment with us now. He’ll still be a young man of 51 then, and we’ll know more about him. In the meantime, there’s certainly a question of his choice of close friends.


He once had a friend named Bill Ayers,

But he knew not one thing of his affairs,

He said, “He’s a fine fellow, and always seems mellow,

But a terrorist? Certainly not my friend Ayers.”

There was a group that planned to sow terror,

The Weathermen, until they made a big error,

Their bomb was fully loaded, when it suddenly exploded,

Ayers’ friends became the first victims of their terror.

Ayers wife is a woman named Dorn,

A radical from the day she was born.

Obama denies that he knew, of the Brink’s guard they slew,

‘cause it was only eight years from the day he was born!

Howard E. Morseburg