Sunday, November 2, 2008


Amid rumors that B'rak Hussein Obama could really be B'rak Hussein Cundo, the spawn of Francisco Cundo from Sagua la Grande, the musical preferences from the One, and his gaze lost into the future of his Stalinist inspired propaganda, lies a thing The O-Bah-Matronic said and it's being skipped over by the media: his 1 million member strong civil forces, "as powerful as the US military", in his own words.

Let's see.... He's proposing the creation of an "unmilitary" army, whose purpose is neither very clear, nor has it being fully explained.
First question: don't we have enough military, national guard, and extremist militias already?
Second question: is this another extremist militia?
Third question: who will command this force?
4- who will be its foot soldiers?
5- will they be armed?
6- what authority will they have?
7- what will trigger their mobilization and action?
8- will civilians be compelled to obey them? (the word obey is in a lot of stalinist-remembrance posters in this city of Washington DC)
9- will that force's powers overwrite the powers of the armed forces and the law enforcement agencies?
10- what will be their (still non defined) function in society?

In a society when gun control is proposed by the same kind of proponents of this large civilian army, where freedom of speech is trampled by street volunteers and preachers of Obamunism, who area already talking as if the One were enshrined in the White House, and who are suggesting that an outcome not favorable to the Oh-Bah-Candidate is tantamount to foul play with dire consequences for the country at large, this is worrisome.

It is just legitimate to demand to know if such a force is already formed, and to demand from the federal government and investigation over this secret "army". Last thing we all want is to be hostage of a "force" than can literally abduct citizens and conduct their own trials and apply their own sentences. We do not need to be controlled by an army of chivatos, or to be subject to intimidation by an army of thugs, or to be blackmailed into Obamunism by the threat of deadly riots.

I certainly hope that the authorities are looking into this threats, and that if on Tuesday the county is put in the hands of an unknown whose plans for change are also secret, and whose civilian army can control you, there would be some legal mechanism to stop the madness before it becomes Orwellian.

On the other side of the Straits, Castro is licking his whiskers. His trademark terror application of "civilian force" is proposed to be applied in the United States and it goes on without a hitch. Do not be surprised if members of the Obamakorps knock at your door, abduct you, and next thing you know is that you wake up in an interrogation room in Villa Marista, Havana. Castro's loving this so much that he will appear in public after the elections. Don't tell us we didn't warn you.