Tuesday, November 4, 2008

if you will....

Feel free to celebrate if you will.
Remember one thing, though. Do not complain, if you voted for that empty suit of a fraud that is B'rak Hussein Obama, when your liberties are curtailed. Look at yourself in the mirror and curse yourself if you did vote for him.
To all who thought independently and didn't go with the flow after a fake Messiah, you're welcome to join the counterrevolution.
We need to take America back, and we better start fighting for it right now.
I am with the majority of Americans who refuse to be fooled by a Marxist wolf under a sheepskin. And while you're at it, do not forget to thank W., the president who enforced the dry foot wet foot, the president under whose rule Marxism flourished in Latin America, and who created a disaster where there was none.
The American voter spoke, and because the system gives more electoral votes to the East and West Coast than to the so called flyover country, the American voter voice is just spoken by just a part of the American people. Millions are asked to submit to the wishes of the citizens of the Blue States -which to be in tune with history should be called the Red States, as in communist countries.
I hope George W. Bush cherish all those letters in which I asked him to become a late night TV comedian. I wonder if he's going to be able to look straight into the eye of John McCain and say "I am sorry". I certainly doubt it.
Now we must preprare for four years of mismanagement, dubious dealings, dishonesty, and corruption. Just like B'rak Hussein Obama's very own political trademark is in Chicagoland.
The counterrevolution starts here.
Join it or get out of the way.
(by the way, I do not recognize the new flag of the United Socialist States of America as anything else than a meaningless rag)