Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And now Claudia...

Claudia Cadelo was also summoned to another police station, Zapata and C, which is also very well known by this friend of yours...
The cops and the G2 agents are up for a big surprise tomorrow at 2:00 pm. They are going to meet a kind of woman they don't even imagine exists. They deserve it.
They will learn one thing in that meeting: the Cuban youth doesn't fear the tyranny.
They will keep on doing what they do best, which is to denounce the horrific life under the dictatorship of the castros, the only reality they have ever know.
To Claudia, a theme on which I am still working....

(lyrics unfinished)
Somos carne d’estacion
Somos la peste
Somos criminales por Dios
Somos mala gente….

Los comunistas no cuentan no
Solo reciben paga a fin de mes
Beben su ron no en pie no se mantienen
Y sus crias leche no tienen

Somos carne d’estacion
Dice la gente
En la Quinta se pudre el sol
Si no lo quieres

Puta bandera
Falta la luz
No hay vergüenza
Solo calor
No tienes ya ni para el arroz
El agua falta
Y si digo algo
Pues me llevan en la jaula

Y somos carne d’estacion
Aunque se hunda la nacion
No callo, y digo
No callo, y digo
Que este sistema es lo peor
Lo peor
Del mundo entero….

Somos carne d’estacion
La quinta es nuestra casa
Somos carne d’estacion
Pues si lo somos, pues si lo somos…..