Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yoani and Reinaldo.

The morning started early, and not in a good way.
I woke up to news that Yoani and Reynaldo were summoned to the infamous police station of 21 and C, Vedado.
I know that place.
Very well.
That's where you are called for all sort of "advice" and pressures. Even sometimes they will try to break you, and to turn you into a snitch. It takes a lot to break some people, others are easily broken.
Yoani and Reinaldo are not that kind. They stand firm and tall, and Theo, their son, knows that.
They will be accused of something vague, most likely of buying or selling items in the black market to try to mask the political nature of the case, as they did with Gorki.
They will be harassed, because the tyranny of Cuba cannot accept that they are dignified human beings that refuse to bend in front of a tyrant. If they had some culture, they would realize that Yoani and Reynaldo do not salute the olive green cap of the tyrant, the same way that Wilhelm Tell did not salute the red cap of a brutal ruler, in the Switzerland of their temporary exile.
To the chagrin of the tyrant, they returned to Cuba. And that's something that the dictatorship is not ready to forgive and forget.
Yoani and Reynaldo do not want the forgiveness of the government. They are standing high for the rights of all Cubans.

Unfortunately, Yoani and Reynaldo, and also Theo, have to be tested this way, for some dubious Thomases to realize of what kind of wood that family is made.

We are ready to rock the world for Yoani and her family, the same we did for Gorki and his.

Please read an update from Penultimos Dias, in Spanish.
Yoani is back home, and online.